Hello, my name’s Chloe…


Chloe - edited

Today I came to Action Homeless for Take Your Teenager to Work Day. I chose to come here because I thought that it would be a new experience and because I’ve always wanted to help the community. My day here was really fun and I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone and making an Easter Fundrasing poster.

Today I have learnt how to do more on twitter and also that simple things can mean alot to the people that need it. At Christmas each person and family at Action Homeless got given a food hamper and a small gift bag. Although this may not seem alot to us, for them it really helped to make their Christmas better.

Today I have been responsible for Action Homeless’ social media and have learned how to do new stuff on Twitter, like insterting links into posts. Also I learned that charities use social media to advertise fundraising ideas and because people my age are more likely to help if they see things on social media.

I now know that I can help a homeless person by donating money to Action Homeless, or by calling the Street Link number if I see someone who is sleeping rough.

Today I did lots of different thing such as sorting donations of biscuits, sugar, coffee and tea into different boxes to take to the hostels. I also made an Easter Fundraising poster to get people to raise money for Action Homeless. Finally I put some statuses on the charity’s social media.

Overall I have really enjoyed today and I have learnt alot about Action Homeless. In the future I will definitely fundraise for this charity.


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